Equipment Financing

Capital for Your Equipment Purchases

Every business needs the tools of its trade to operate successfully. Whether you are running a new startup or an established company, you need to purchase equipment from time to time. However, this can be a major investment. Verdant Heights Global, LLC can help you with equipment financing and leasing options.

Financing Your Equipment

We can help you get the funding you need no matter what type of business you run. Better yet, we have fast turnaround times and many repayment options. These are some of the benefits of working with Verdant Heights Global, LLC:

  • Application only on lower financing amounts (no financial statements)
  • Little to no down payment needed
  • Larger financing amounts available for middle-market and large-ticket items

If you are running a startup, we can help you get the equipment you need, even before you earn revenue. We can also help your business if you have B-, C- or D-credit. Every organization experiences difficulty periodically. Let us help you get back on your feet with equipment financing options.

Equipment Leasing May Be A Better Choice

For many organizations, leasing equipment is a better option. These are some of the benefits of equipment leasing:

  • Keep cash reserves ready for other purposes
  • Avoid using up lines of credit
  • Eliminate the risk of obsolete equipment
  • Enjoy tax benefits

We can offer guaranteed approval to government entities seeking leasing options. These include federal, state, and local agencies such as schools, emergency services, armed services and more. Just ask us about our government leasing program.

If you need money now and own your equipment, we will buy it from you then lease it back. You can continue to profit from your equipment while getting an injection of capital right now. Better yet, you will regain ownership once you’ve made the final payment.

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