Accounts Receivable

We’ll Buy Your Receivable Accounts From You

Are you interested in selling some of your outstanding receivable invoices? At Verdant Heights Global, LLC, we offer a generous accounts receivable program that will provide you with immediate cash in return for selling us your discounted receivable invoices. The program is considered a win/win by many companies who need a little extra money and want to offload accounts that consistently take 90 days or longer to pay.

Benefits to Your Business

In addition to minimizing your work by removing the need to collect on outstanding receivable invoices, our financing receivables program also gives your business the following benefits:

  • Quick cash with no fixed payments attached
  • Funds usually arrive within 24 hours
  • Complimentary credit insurance on your clients
  • Financing that’s appropriate for all types of businesses

You don’t need to worry about a loan board making arbitrary decisions about your funding, either. This program gives you the financial bandwidth you need to fulfill all your orders, including unexpected or large orders that you might not have the cash to fill otherwise. Your funding will also increase in conjunction with your receivables.

Learn More

Would you like to learn more about our accounts receivable financing program? Contact us today and one of our friendly and professional representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.